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Miami Car Accident Lawyer (Wrongful death lawsuit)

Miami Car Accident Lawyer (Wrongful death lawsuit)

A wrongful death in a car accident is when someone is killed as a result of the negligence of another party. In order to successfully file your claim you’re required to meet the same burden of proof that the victim personally would have been responsible for, which can be very difficult if you weren’t there. One of our lawyers can help you file a lawsuit to bring the guilty party to justice and to secure the wrongful death settlement that you’re entitled to.

You’re entitled to compensation for a number of costs relating to your loved one’s death, including:

-The deceased’s pain and suffering
-Funeral costs
-Loss of the deceased’s income
-Loss of the deceased’s care and guidance
-Loss of inheritance

Please call us at 1-800-Injured (1-800-465-8733) and let us help. Our local wrongful death attorneys can help you deal with the legal system in this difficult time, and we’ll help you get all the help that you’re entitled to by the law.